Painting and Decorating

Nothing beats painting and decorating done by a qualified and experienced tradesman.

Our Director Klayne has 26 years of painting and decorating experience, so he knows that the difference between a tradesperson and a DYI job can be considerable.

Getting the best finish from paint work is not as easy as some people think. Knowing how best to prepare a surface for painting to maximise the end result requires knowledge of different types of paint, how to best prep any work prior to the final coats being applied and how to ensure that any painting is done right the first time.

Matt or gloss painting, pigment sealing in wet areas, painting for areas exposed to the elements, our painters know what to do as they do it every day.

Decorating also requires experience. Do it right the first time and there will be no decorating fix bills down the line.

Talk to us about all your painting and decorating needs because we’re bloody good at it!

We’ll see you right.