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  • The Grey Army takes the safety of its contractors and their clients seriously.

  • The Grey Army has comprehensive Public Liability Insurance to protect clients' assets.

  • The Grey Army tradesmen are qualified where required.

  • The Grey Army tradesmen are licensed where required.

  • The Grey Army is a limited liability company and is GST registered. We do not accept 'Cash' jobs, but we do accept cash as payment.

  • The Grey Army will require permits to undertake all restricted building work. The Grey Army can assist clients in obtaining appropriate plans and permits.

  • The Grey Army guarantees workmanship.

  • We will only use materials suitable for the job and in a manner in which they were intended.

  • The Grey Army will not cut corners nor offer cowboy solutions.

  • The Grey Army adheres to the Building Code and will use acceptable solutions identified in the code.

  • The Grey Army can advise on difficult areas such as lead-based paint, asbestos, leaky homes, rising damp, and structural damage.

  • Whenever practical, The Grey Army will advise their client how to spend their money wisely. Over-capitalising on a property is a common mistake. The Grey Army will not take advantage of clients who want to spend their money unwisely.

  • The Grey Army will advise clients of the four key areas that need to be addressed in order to halt further property damage.

    • These are the roof, windows and joinery, cladding, and drainage.

    • Problems with these areas may cause gradual property damage and expensive repairs.